Bag filling machine type WAMA-KV

The automatic WAGNER bag filling machine type WAMA-KV is appropriate for filling easily pourable products into valve bags.

The machine is particularly adaptable to different product and flow characteristics.

The dosage flap is equipped with a special drive that is triggered by the control with 4-20 mA in every dosage phase. The machine is equipped with 3 potentiometers.

The dosage flap’s degree of opening can be set to coarse, medium and fine dosing from 0-100% steplessly and accurate to the millimetre.

Switching between dosing levels by digital, calibration-capable weighing electronics. The equipment also contains automatic zero-taring as well as tolerance controls. When dosing falls below the minus tolerance limit, automatic additional dosing is possible.


According to flow behaviour, bulk density and granulation, the different free-flowing bulk materials can be dosed as fast as possible and extremely precisely.

Several ATEX versions can be delivered.

Like all WAGNER bag filling machines, the WAMA-KV model’s construction is particularly simple and robust, as well as carefully processed.

Well thought out constructions make cleaning and maintenance of the machine easier.

In limited spatial circumstances both the design height and the other dimensions can be adapted.

Bag filling machine type WAMA-VOL

For all applications which don't need gravimetric, calibrated dosing the automatic WAGNER-bag-filling-machine type WAMA-VOL provides a special inexpensive alternative.

It is the best solution to fill free flowing powders and granulates in open bags or valve bags.


If weighing is not required the complete filling process can be carried out with pneumatic components components only.
The machine can be build with defined or variable volume for filling different quantities.
Different length of bags can be filled by a height adjustable conveyor.
The construction allows the handling of the bags in a comfortable position to avoid unnecessary physical effort by the user.
Carefully detailed construction faciliates the cleaning and service of the machine.
The machine is available in steel, galvlanized, painted or in stainless steel.
The mobile version allows the filling at different places.
All dimensions including height of the machine can be adapted to meet narrow and restricted space.
Different ATEX-versions are available.
A foil-welding machine or a sewing-machine can be attached optionally.
The WAMA-VOL is distinguished by its simple and sturdy construction and the meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process, characteristics shared by all WAGNER bag-filling machines.

Bag emptying machine type WAMA-SE-KE

Bag emptying machine type WAMA-SE-KE

The automatic WAGNER Type WAMA-SE-KE bag-emptying machine is designed to empty bags cleanly while creating as little dust as possible.

The bags to be emptied are fed to the device lying flat on a conveyor belt in the desired position or sequence, then grasped by the mandrels on the 2 special emptying chain conveyors and cut open below by rotating blade knives.
The special configuration of the emptying chain conveyor means that the bag cut open in this manner is pulled apart over its entire length and then folded upwards. This maximum expansion of the incision means that the bag is emptied completely, depending on the bulk material involved. Additional vibrating devices are available for particularly difficult bulk material.
The emptied bag is then ejected by lifting springs at the end while the emptying chain conveyor is commencing its return journey.

This continuous process enables an emptying capacity of 60 up to 1200 bags per hour in the most confined space (depending on requirements and the flow characteristics of the product being emptied).

This creates optimum conditions for bag emptying with maximised efficiency and minimum idle periods, preventing loss of product on the one hand, and unnecessary contamination of the empty bag on the other.

Screw waste bag compactor type WAMA-SLSV

Screw-waste-bag-compactor type WAMA-SLSV

The WAGNER screw waste bag compactor enables compressing of empty bags to one-eighth of their original volume and their pressing into a continuous polyethylene hose.

The compacting level can be altered through variation of the tentering chain.

The special screw design prevents the empty bags from wrapping around the screw shaft.

This enables processing of every type of bag, regardless of the material and size involved.

Operating personnel determine the length of the filled polyethylene hose.

It provides the ideal solution for optimally clean and dust-free disposal of empty bags when combined with a manual or automatic WAGNER bag-emptying machine.

The WAGNER screw waste bag compactor is available in 2 standard sizes, regardless of the type and number of bags to be compressed.

The machine can be supplied in normal or stainless steel.