Our Company History

In the middle of the world economic crisis, FRIEDRICH WILH. WAGNER established, at the age of 36 years, 1928 as a private firm the basis of the today's WAGNER-MASCHINEN GmbH. 

In the course of the decades, the structures of the company constantly adapted to the changing needs. 

1928 he already took over the work agency of engine works GUSTAV EIRICH and began with the sales of concrete mixers. 

Parallel to it he developed the letting and the sales of construction machines. In addition the trade with array trams came. In the thirties its own workshop and a stock pile at the east goods station in Frankfurt were purchased.

By war confusions and the circumstance that the company in Frankfurt was completely bombed, one moved with the office enterprise first provisorily to Oberursel.

The storage and the workshop were given up, and in the post-war period both the business with the construction machines, as well as the trade with the EIRICH - mixers and tubing moulding machines of the company RIMAS, had a boost.

The structural development, to an engineer's office with a high potential on know how in 300 different areas of application, ran parallel to the requirements of diverse customers.

While in the first years only individual mixers were sold, the customers in the post-war period demanded more and more complete machines for mixing with silos, dosing technology, weighing, mix - and granulation technology, drying process, sieving and the pertinent control devices.

After returning from Russian imprisonment, engineer Claus Wagner, the son of the company founder, supports the rapid development of the company.

With the entrance of the today's managing director, and grandchild of the company founder, Lars Wagner (in the company since 1978), the import of the sacking machines of Swiss company SAPAL JARRIER was taken over.

At the end of of 1981 adjusted SAPAL the production of the sacking machines and the birth of the WAGNER - sacking machine had come.

Based on the cognitions, which have been collected for nearly 4 years of the SAPAL - selling, and "know how" from the other activities, became the construction of the first machine already a full success.

In the time since 1982 the segment of the sacking machines grew to its own size with undreamt-of diversity of machine variants, which was extended also still by rack machines for barrels, buckets, cardboards, Big-bags and containers as well as individual pulverar.

Each customer gets the tailored suit according to his individual needs. Innovative thinking and a large measure of flexibility justifies the current success of this segment.

While in the initial years, customers essentially came from the region and basically from Germany, supplies the WAGNER-MASCHINEN GmbH today customers European-wide and in all other continents world-wide.

Since end of the year 2001, the past program is supplemented outstanding by a further segment. The offer pallet is rounded off now by bag and Big Bag emptying stations, automatic metering stations and micro component dosage, horizontal and vertical mixers, lump crushers and hammer mills, filters, dryers and Vacuum - process technique.

With this current entire program, and a well trained and motivated team of coworkers, knows the WAGNER - MACHINES GmbH the requirements rapidly developed global markets confidently to expect.

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