Bag-emptying-machine for bags

Folding table machine 

Work principle

bag in-feed:
manual or by a conveyer the bag is brought by a large door into the machine.

bag opening:
Closing of the door starts the emptying process. Rotary knife cuts the bag, held by hooks, into two parts.

bag emptying:
By tilting the two halves the bag empties itself, supported by the force of gravity and additional vibrations.

empty bag disposal:
After the emptying of bag the empty bag is brought directly to the waste bag compactor.

Area of application


  • high discharge degree
  • emptying of poisonous, aggressive powders


  • fully enclosed system
  • dustfree working place
  • low noise level


  • easy to operate
  • secure, protected
  • automatic bag entry  


  • the product and the bag wil stay seperated
  • the product will not touch the exterior of the bag
  • no contact between product and and operator
  • easy maintenance; well accessible
  • automated process-integration possible
  • suitable for powders and granulates

Technical data

  • capacity: 80 up to 180 bags / h
  • bag material : paper, plastics, jute or combination

Energy requirements

power consumption         1,5 kW

knife drive motor             1,1 kW

vibration motor                0,18 kW

empty bag compactor      2,2 kW

pneumatic requirements  min. 6 bar air


  • lump breaker
  • pneumatical /mechanical conveying system
  • vibration disc


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