Bag emptying machine for bags


The automatic WAGNER Type WAMA-SE-KE bag-emptying machine is designed to empty bags cleanly while creating as little dust as possible.

The bags to be emptied are fed to the device lying flat on a conveyor belt in the desired position or sequence, then grasped by the mandrels on the 2 special emptying chain conveyors and cut open below by rotating blade knives.
The special configuration of the emptying chain conveyor means that the bag cut open in this manner is pulled apart over its entire length and then folded upwards. This maximum expansion of the incision means that the bag is emptied completely, depending on the bulk material involved. Additional vibrating devices are available for particularly difficult bulk material.
The emptied bag is then ejected by lifting springs at the end while the emptying chain conveyor is commencing its return journey.

This continuous process enables an emptying capacity of 60 up to 1200 bags per hour in the most confined space (depending on requirements and the flow characteristics of the product being emptied).

This creates optimum conditions for bag emptying with maximised efficiency and minimum idle periods, preventing loss of product on the one hand, and unnecessary contamination of the empty bag on the other. 

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