The manual WAGNER-bag emptying machine type WAMA-SE-MAN

The manual bag emptying machine type WAMA-SE-MAN is deliverable in various equipments.

All versions are designed to empty bags cleanly while creating as little dust as possible.

In consideration of ergonomic necessities the operator will be released optimally.

This creates optimum conditions for bag emptying with maximised efficiency and minimum idle periods, preventing loss of product on the one hand, and unnecessary contamination of the empty bag on the other.

The extremely attractive price of the WAMA-SE-MAN is the result of consistent standardisation and concentration on the most important aspects.

Its compact dimensions enable the use of the manual bag emptying machine WAMA-SE-MAN even where unfavourable installation conditions prevail.


Equipment details

  • material: normal steel, powder-coated steel or in stainless steel V2A 
  • discharge housing with integrated filter elements and attached exhaust fan or alternatively with a connecting piece on the side for connecting an external exhausting system 
  • Product discharge: hopper either with outlet diameter of Ø273mm and a discharge plate for products with bad flow characteristics or alternatively with flanged connection to dosing units, screws or rotary feeders underneath.
  • Another option is a chute on the side enabling the disposal of the empty bags with provision for the connection to a WAGNER-bag compactor 
  • A grating with grid spacing of 30 x 30mm


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