Big-Bag emptying machine

Big-Bag emptying station type WAMA-BE

WAGNER-big-bag emptying machines type WAMA-BE are designed to empty big-bags cleanly while creating as little dust as possible.

Different docking systems are available depending on product flow characteristics.

The WAGNER-BE is distinguished by its simple and sturdy construction and the meticulous attention paid to detail in the manufacturing process, characteristics shared by all WAGNER machines.


The following equipment options can be supplied individually as requiered by the customer:

  • Portal-frame with integrated crane-bridge to connect a chain-hoist with all required calculations and crane inspection documents. This allows a simple replacement of big-bags without forklift truck.
  • A possible option is the patented WAMA-SPEZIAL docking system which simplyfies the connection of big-bags considerably.
  • To prevent a further dust problem the remaining air in the big bags can be exhausted. This faciliates the disposal or storage of empty big-bags without the undesirable development of dust.
  • For different sized big-bags with different sized adaptors, the connectors are easy to change.
  • Mobile versions with a guide for the forklift truck faciliates their use in different locations.
  • For big-bags with inliner we can provide pneumatic or manual extracting devices fot the Inliner.
  • To loosen congealed material we have developed devices to assure a faultless flow of materials with bad flow characteristics due to agglutinating.
  • Partitionally emptied big-bags can be closed and removed by a special shut-off device.
  • An integrated scale allows the use of the emptyxing machine as a dosing unit with differential weighing. Alternatively you can use pipe worm conveyors, throughted chain conveyors, rotary feeders or enclosed belt conveyors for closed emptying.
  • All types are also available with ATEX-approval.
  • All WAGNER-machines are manufactured individually according to the customers specifications.
  • Please contact our team of qualified experts who will be glad to propose to you an efficient solution for your individual application.   

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