Dosing flap for Barrels/Buckets/Cans


The automatic WAGNER bag filling machine type WAMA-KVO is appropriate for filling easily pourable products into buckets, barrels and cans.

The machine is particularly adaptable to different product and flow characteristics.

The dosage flap is equipped with a special drive that is triggered by the control with 4-20 mA in every dosage phase. The machine is equipped with 3 potentiometers.

The dosage flap’s degree of opening can be set to coarse, medium and fine dosing from 0-100% steplessly and accurate to the millimetre.

Switching between dosing levels by digital, calibration-capable weighing electronics.

The equipment also contains automatic zero-taring as well as tolerance controls.

When dosing falls below the minus tolerance limit, automatic additional dosing is possible.



  • According to flow behaviour, bulk density and granulation, the different free-flowing bulk materials can be dosed as fast as possible and extremely precisely.
  • Several ATEX versions can be delivered.
  • Like all WAGNER bag filling machines, the WAMA-KV model’s construction is particularly simple and robust, as well as carefully processed.
  • Well thought out constructions make cleaning and maintenance of the machine easier.
  • In limited spatial circumstances both the design height and the other dimensions can be adapted.


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