Big bag filling station

Big Bag filling station

The automatic WAGNER filling machine Type WAMA-BB is suitable for filling applications to fill big-bags, containers with centrical end excentrical intake, drums, bags, cartons and other packages.

The WAGNER-BB is distinguished by its simple and sturdy construction and the meticulous attention paid to detail in the manufacturing process, characteristics shared by all WAGNEr-bag-filling machines.

The WAGNER-filling machines are extremely adaptable, regardless of the product characteristics involved.

The dosing can be regulated by using different Parts like a screw, conveyor, dosing-valve, vibrating chute or dosing flaps in a 1-, 2- or 3-step version with coarse-, middle- or fine dosing.

The exceptional design with integrated hoisting-device offers a series of advantages for achieving an optimal filling level.

Big-bags can be filled optionally in a standing or hanging position.

For achieving an optimal filling level the combined version has proved to be successful: first the big-bag is filled in a hanging position and then, depending on the weight, lifted from below by the automatic lifting device.

The WAMA-KOMBIPACK offers a unique combination for filling small and large receptacles within a minimum of space. It has been designed for a load capacity of 12kg to 2.000kg.

Basic versions with or without weighing are available.

All WAGNER-filling machines can be constructed as mobile plants for the flexible use at different filling stations, of course without a complicated weighing adjustment.

As a matter of course the machines are also available in stainless steel and in ATEX versions.

WAGNER bag filling machines are manufactured individually according to the customer's specifications. They excel by their high precision, easy operation and robust construction.

Please contact to our team of qualified experts who will be glad to propose to you an efficient solution for your individual application.

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