Belt-machine for open bags


The automatic WAGNER bag filling machine type WAMA-BD is suitable for filling adhesive, damp, cloggy or coarse-grained products in open bags.

The dosing is realized by a belt conveyor which can be open or boxed. Depending on the customers need there can be a calibratable weighing or a volumetric dosing.



  • Different ATEX-Versions are available. 
  • The machines are extremely adaptable, regardless of the product or flow characteristics involved. 
  • The dosing is realized in 3 steps by coarse-, middle- and fine dosing. For accurate dosing there is a pneumatic valve flap at the exit of the conveyor together with a mechanical product limiter.
  • The WAMA-BD is distinguished by its simple and sturdy construction and the meticulous attention to detail in the manufacturing process, characteristics shared by all WAGNER bag filling machines. 
  • Carefully detailed construction faciliates the cleaning and service of the machine.
  • For narrow spaces the height and all other dimensions from the machine can be aligned.
  • The Model WAMA-BD is available in all 3 product lines called "Basic", "Standard-Plus" and "Individual". The choice ranges from extremely low priced standard technics to special individual solutions.


Choose between our product lines, "Basic", "Standard Plus" and "Individual"



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