Flap-box for open bags


The automatic WAGNER bag filling machine type WAMA-FRO is suitable for filling applications to fill free flowing products in open bags.

The dosing occurs in 2 Steps (coarse and fine). A closure avoids that there is no further product can ripple after filling which guaranees an optimally exact dosing. 


Equipment details

  • The dosing is realized by a flap box.
  • Different ATEX-versions can also be delivered 
  • It is extremely adaptable, regardless of the product characteristics involved.
  • If required a welding station can be aligned, optionally with an integrated evacuating station. This enables the bags to be filled cleanly with as little dust as possible. 
  • The WAMA-FRO is distinguished by its simple and sturdy construction and the meticulous attention paid to detail in the manufacturing process, characteristics shared by all WAGNER bag-filling-machines. 
  • Carefully detailed construction facilitates the cleaning and service of the machine. 
  • All dimensions including height of the machine can be adapted to meet narrow and restricted space.


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