Pneumatic bag filling machine for valve bags


The automatic bag-filling-machine type WAMA-PP is the ideal solution to fill powder and fine grained products in valve-bags.


Equipment details

  • According to requirements the pressure chamber can be adjusted to the necessary level.
  • The product touched area is easily accessable and also easy to clean for frequent product changes.
  • Where space is critical all measurements including height can be adjusted to requirements.
  • Different ATEX-versions can also be delivered.
  • Optionally the machine can be provided with a special-filling-socket to fill products by creating as little dust as possible.
  • Another option is an ultrasonic welding machine to close the valves of the bags.
  • The WAMA-PP is distinguished by its simple and sturdy construction and the meticulous attention paid to detail in the manufacturing process, characteristics shared by all WAGNER bag-filling-machines. 
  • We offer further options for automation by the automatic valve-bag-placer type VSA and an automatic bag removing system. Different solutions are also available with automatic bag placement by robots (also combined with an automatic bag-placer adapted on the bag-gripper).


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