Screw bag filling machines for valve bags


The automatic WAGNER Type SPV BASIC bag-filling machine is the most inexpensive alternative for filling applications with valve bags.

The extremely inexpensive price of the SPV BASIC is the result of consistent standardisation and concentration on the most important aspects.

Equipment details

  • Painted frame in RAL 9007 (Grey Aluminium)
  • All components which come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel
  • The bag is secured with a one-hand bag clasp for greater user-friendliness 
  • The height of the roller bag chair can be adjusted, enabling handling of bags with different lengths and a minimum of physical effort 
  • An agitator with a separate gear motor drive is integrated in the filling head 
  • The screw can be easily removed and the speed regulated in 3 stages with a frequency converter for coarse, medium and fine products
  • The digital weighing electronics can be calibrated and is easy to operate