WAGNER - deduster type ES-TTM and ES-TT

The new series es-TTM is an extension of our es-TT-model. Here we are able to place a larger filtering surface on a smaller area.

This model is recommended, if less chips but a large quantity of dust is to be collected and filtered. Moreover, this series excels by a smaller filtering surface load.

If desired, the systems can also be provided with other fan performances than those indicated in the brochure.

The standard system is provided with a power-driven cleaning device. Seen from the operating side the motor of the vibrating device is installed at the outside right. The required additional space is about 200 mm. The filter pockets are made of polypropylene needle felt or, if required, of other synthetic fibres.

In order to avoid excessive noise, the standard systems are provided with a sound-absorbing hood. Depending on the fan size the noise level is between 68 and 76 dB(A).

If especially strict protective measures must be taken against pollution, secondary filters can be placed within the sound-absorbing hood. In this case the overall height will change correspondingly.


ES-TT with pocket filter

The solid and powerful exhauster es-TT and es-TF with pocket filter elements can be used at all places where dust is to be collected and filtered out. For each particular application there are different pocket filter elements which can be mounted and demounted without any problems.

Due to the large distance between the pockets the filter copes easily with chips. The dust falls into the dust collector or dust drawer. If the suction power of the system diminishes after some time because the pocket filter gets clogged, the filter must be cleaned. This is simply done by activating the mechanical or power-driven vibrating device with the fan stopped.

For the power-driven vibrating device a control unit can be delivered which automatically activates the drive motor of the vibrating device after each stop of the fan. Thus it is always ensured that the filter is perfectly functioning without any intervention by the operating staff.

The cleaned air is returned to the workshop. The suction connection can be installed at both sides or at the back of the system.

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