WAGNER - deduster type ES-PF

Cartridge filter with compressed air (jet filter)

Work principle

The cartridge filters are built as a compact extractor or after the demanded needs. The fan is inserted and in series provided with an acoustic enclosure on the pure gas side of the equipment.

The filters are inserted in process exhausting of metal -, plastic -, stone and earth processing industry, moreover when welding and cutting.

The star shaped folded filter cartridges are subjected from the outside with dusty air and cleaned by compressed air impulses.

The filtering mediums are system dependent selected. They are examined of the Berufsgenossenschaftliche Institut for industrial safety (BIA) after ZH 1/487 and fulfill the requirements for the use category C.

The filter cartridges are made of polyester fleece and can if necessary be equipped with a PTFE-membrane, oil and water-rejecting or antistatically.
By the high Abscheidegrad is usually an air refeed into the work space possible. The design of the filter surface for air achievement depends on the kind of the material which can be sucked off.

The discharge of dust is made in series by the dust collector, which is emptied manually depending upon dusty condition. Depending upon need the cartridge filters can be equipped with rotary feeders, double flap valve, transport screw or system dependent.

The electronic sequencer and the differential pressure regulating valve make a fully automatic operate with filters possible. The electronic Differenzdruckregler is for supervising the Differenzdrucks of the filter and for heading for the electronic Taktsteuerung. Therefore an adjustment of the cleaning cycle is given to the dusty condition and thus an energy conservation and a indulgence of the Filterelemente.

The upper and lower Differenzdruckschwelle is in each case adjustable separately. Two additional border contacts for Störungsueberwachung are likewise separately adjustable.

The feed of the Druckluftbehällter is made by a pressure-reducing valve with automatic Wasserablass. A Abreinigungsdruck of 4,5-5 bar is necessary.

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