WAGNER- Roller Lifting Table

The WAGNER Roller Lifting Table of type WAMA-RH is particularly wellsuited as an ergonomic production tool for closing bags and boxes with or without in-liners as well as buckets, tins and barrels.

It is characterised by its mobility, flexibility and user friendliness and can be individually adapted to any type and size of container.

This ensures ergonomic working conditions for the operator during filling and subsequent closing of containers.

Ways of working:

After filling the container with a semi-automatic Wagner bagging machine, the container can be moved to a nearby roller lifting table at a convenient working height.

The next empty container can be moved to the bagging machine to be filled. The operator can use the time to close the container on the roller lifting table while the next container is cleanly and accurately filled by the bagging machine.

Bags are usually sealed with a film-welding device or sewn shut with a manual sewing machine. Alternatively, they could be closed with clips or tying wire.

Lids of buckets, tins or barrels are either manually or automatically positioned and closed. Labelling can be integrated in addition. This increases productivity and relieves operating staff.

Finishing details of the ergonomic production tool:

  • Particularly rugged design
  • The roller lift table is moveable and has fastening brakes at both guide rollers
  • The high-quality PU guide rollers ensure easy, quiet movement
  • Hydraulic foot pump for lifting the roller track and a hand-valve to lower it
  • Console for different film welding devices with manual adjustment of the angle  of incline
  • Console for manual sewing machines with spring action
  • ATEX version with conductive stainless steel rollers made of V2A available.

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