Technical centre for finding optimal filling and emptying results

A high-quality team of process engineers looks after the optimising of bag-filling machines, bag-emptying machines and filling and emptying tasks.

Technicians and engineers work hand in hand on perfectly implementing innovations, complex client projects and the latest manufacturing systems.

There are often several possibilities when looking for the right machine. Thanks to the great variety of different machine models and since the machines can be used in more than 300 different areas.

As a result it has proven particularly useful to carry out tests with the clients’ original materials to find the optimal machine for each task. Usually preliminary tests are carried out to test, for instance, flow characteristics, bag filling speed or optimisation of machine settings for different filling products.

As soon as all test series have been evaluated, the test results are presented and clients are invited to gain a personal impression. Our technicians, project engineers and our management are of course at your service for any questions you may have and for further product tests at our technical centre.


Our service centre offers the following options:

  • An exhibition of most machines in our product portfolio to demonstrate to the various possibilities in practice.
  • Test facility for carrying out tests with clients’ original products and determining performance data, as well as further developing products.
  •  24/h customer service

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